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Department of Landscape Architecture

This department is the only landscape department in the country with both landscape design group and product design group, and the only university landscape department in Zhumiao area. The design course adopts small class teaching, and hires top talents in the industry to jointly guide, and through domestic internships, overseas internships (learning and building a dream plan) and campus talent recruitment, it guides students to find employment immediately after graduation, creating a high employment rate. Talent training effect . The admissions department of this department mainly considers students who meet their interests and potentials. Students who are interested in landscape, products, aesthetics, environment, design, implementation, etc. are welcome by the department.



Department of Landscape Architecture (Landscape Design Group)

The Landscape Design Group (LDG) deals with natural and cultural landscapes that people can see. We emphasize the integration of interdisciplinary knowledge and practical internships with the industries. In accordance with the personalities of students and the market needs, we provide guidance to students in fields such as digital technology, physical environmental planning and design, and the use of materials. The ultimate purpose is to cultivate outstanding landscape architects to implement the goals of ecological sustainability and environmental aesthetics.


Department of Landscape Architecture (Product Design Group)

The Product Design Group (PDG) combines humanities, ecology, and technology to train professionals in response to both the technological needs in the future and the reinterpretation and application of traditional craftsmanship. Through teaching and training, our objectives are preparing students to meet the industries' needs and to promote industrial value. Moreover, we are committed to implementing the concepts of life aesthetics and environmental care to develop innovative products and environmental facilities that are beneficial to the environment and the users.