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The development background of the department

In the 1960s and 1970s when Taiwan's industry began to take off, when it comes to landscape architecture, it is still a very unfamiliar term to most people. However, with the increase of income, more and more people began to care about their quality of life, so the landscape architecture profession has gradually attracted the attention of the public. The Department of Landscape Architecture of our school was established in 1981 under such an atmosphere. It aims to cultivate students with both humanistic and ecological care, as well as substantive planning and design capabilities, so as to improve the environment and ecology and create high-quality landscapes. , in order to meet the requirements of the Chinese people in terms of quality of life and the needs of the development of the leisure industry.

The first department chair of this department is a well-known scholar in China—Ms. Ma Yigong, a former supervisory committee member. The lack of resources in the initial stage is really a blue thread! However, under the leadership of the previous department chairs and the redoubled efforts and enthusiasm of the teachers, the graduates of the past years have now taken the lead in the landscape industry and academia. Every year, the Gold Award sponsored by the Public Works Committee of the Executive Yuan is often seen in us. The outstanding works of alumni have won awards, and the outstanding performance of alumni in various fields is the driving force behind our continuous improvement!


Educational goals and teaching characteristics

The self-positioning of the Department of Landscape Architecture is "Quality Teaching and Industry-University Linkage". In terms of "Quality Teaching", special emphasis is placed on improving students' learning motivation, strengthening the application of landscape professional quality and cross-field knowledge, so as to enhance future employment advantages; In the aspect of "Industry-University Link", it is to promote students' corporate internships and overseas internships, strengthen landscape professionalism and establish a good working attitude, and cultivate talents with workplace competitiveness and international vision. The Ministry of Education was subsidized by the New Southbound Learning Sea Building Dream Project. During the winter and summer vacations, he led students to Canberra, Australia for 35-45 days of ex-situ learning on wetland ecology and community building, which was affirmed by local and Taiwanese media in Canberra. Fruitful results. To sum up the above description, our educational goal is to cultivate professionals with "landscape professional quality, cross-field knowledge and application, and good work attitude".

In terms of curriculum planning and teaching, the department is divided into a landscape design group and a product design group. It is the first landscape department in China to include environmental facilities such as street furniture and inclusive play equipment in professional training. In addition to the professional ability and academic accomplishment of the teachers, part-time teachers and professional teachers with practical experience are also actively recruited to participate in the teaching, so as to strengthen the connection with the practical world and achieve the goal of integrating learning and use.

Department Vision

In the construction project contracting system, the proportion of the cost of landscape-related projects may be lower than that of civil engineering and construction projects, but landscape design always plays a role of small soldiers making great contributions. We are the make-up artists of the real environment and the guardians of the ecology. As the only major department of landscape in Zhumiao area, in recent years, the Department of Landscape has played the role of a locomotive in the School of Architecture and Design, integrating the strength of the whole school to serve the remote villages of Xinpu Town, and making good use of our expertise to serve the local areas. The industry, space and traditional culture of the township develop innovative ideas, and try to transform traditional industries into knowledge industries. Our vision is not only to continuously cultivate excellent physical environment designers, but also to actively market our Environmental management philosophy, fulfilling the university's social responsibility. If you are a person who cares about the environment, is interested in ecology, likes beautiful things, likes to interact with people, likes to operate, and has a healthy body, then do not hesitate! Because you are the partner we are looking for! Welcome to the big family of China Landscape!


Shiang-Yuarn Chen, Dean of the Department of Landscape Architecture, Chung Wah University